Yes that is right! I have come back. I am going to be posting a few new things soon, at least, I hope. School has been getting in the way and I hope to post more often, seeing as how I haven’t for the past year or so.

Keep an eye out for more posts!

Farewell to Gr.7

I am sad to say that I am leaving Gr.7 to go to Gr.8. I would indeed love to stay here forever, but sadly I am not allowed. For all of those who are going to Gr.7 and are afraid, don’t be! It is quite fun. Looking back on the year, I had so much fun that I would gladly go through Gr.7 again and again.

I have had some fun times at school. Camp, track-n-field, skating and other fun things. But it is time to say goodbye. Let us not be sad that it is over, let us be happy it happened.

Anyways, farewell to Gr.7.


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Minecraft Herobrine

“He” is almost every Minecrafters fear. The legendary Herobrine. People say he’s fake, others say they have seen him. I don’t really know if he is real or not. I’ve never seen him, but I know a lot about him. I will tell you a bit about Herobrine.

Herobrine is said to have a default skin with white eyes or no eyes at all. He is usually seen in mine shafts or caves. Some say that his home is the Nether and that you should not go there if he is in your game. They say that his most favourite things are lava, Netherrack, Redstone torches and Redstone dust, traps, lightning, gold and diamonds. He cannot be summoned by a normal “Herobrine Summoner” because he isn’t really in the game. If you have the “Herobrine Mod” however, you can. Many people have tried to summon him without the mod and few have said to succeed. The way you build the Summoner is 8 Gold blocks, a mossy cobble in the center, 2 Netherrack on top of the cobble and it’s either 4 Redstone torches around the center or on the corners. Then you light the Netherrack.

The way to summon him in the mod is 2 gold, the Herobrine totem that comes with the mod and Netherrack on top. When you light it, 4 things happen. The first thing is lightning strikes the top of the totem, in the chat it says “You don’t know what you did….” and the Herobrine’s eyes that are on the totem turn red. The last thing is that he is now in your world and he is trying to scare you half to death and trust me, He will succeed.

Back to Herobrine being in your game. People say that the signs of Herobrine being in your game are: Mushrooms growing on trees, trees without leaves, random placed lava, Netherrack, your house being on fire, Redstone dust, 2 x 2 tunnels in the hills and actual signs. I have dismissed one of these. Mushrooms growing on trees is natural but rare to find. Your house being on fire… I can’t really explain that one.

*End Notes: There are so many stories of Herobrine out there. Some say that when Notch was working on creating the game, his brother, Herobrine died. Other stories say that Notch never had a brother and a few others say that he does, but he’s not dead. Which story you choose to believe in is up to you.

*Final Notes: I have had a few encounters with weird things in Minecraft, but no face-to-face encounters with Herobrine. One thing that is not in Minecraft is that I have written this post before, but the next day when I went to check on it, it was gone. I thought I may have deleted it by accident, so I started a new one. While I was writing, my computer froze for 30 seconds. After that, I kept on writing, thinking nothing of the freeze. While I was finishing it, I saw at the bottom in bold, capital letters the word STOP. I was scared and got rid of the word. Nothing else has happened yet.

If you have any stories of “Him”, please speak up! We want to hear them! I could possibly help you. So please, leave a comment if you will.

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Feeling Fall

What is your most favourite time of the year? Is it Summer? Or would it be Winter? For me, it would be Fall or Autumn. Why? Well, for starters, it is when school starts and I love school. I get to hang out with my friends and get to learn new things.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Evan Leeson via Compfight

I also love Fall because that is when Halloween is. And for me, Halloween is so fun. It is the day you get to do everything backwards! You are told to go to bed and not stay up. On Halloween, you get to stay up late. You are not aloud to wear costumes because that is just weird. On Halloween, everyone is wearing them! You are told not to ask people for candy and on Halloween, you get free candy!

One last reason for me loving Fall is on November, it’s my Birthday and since it is right after Halloween, I get candy at night and in the morning I get cake!

So, Fall is the season for me. What is yours?

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Google: What do we Really Know?

Google Lego 50th Anniversary Inspiration
Photo Credit: Antonio Manfredonio via Compfight

Open Internet. Search up Egypt. Go to a site. It is that easy. But did you know the Internet is not what we think? The Internet is changing what comes up after you hit that search button. Why? Well, the Internet is seeing what you look up and starts giving you sites that it would think you would look at. Scary huh? But what it is really doing is controlling what you are looking for. Say at school you find a neat website that says all you need to know about the earth and is 4th from the bottom. But when you get home and look it up. It is nowhere to be seen.

My first thought is that what you do on the Internet is never forgotten. It could come back and haunt you. The second is that you are always being watched when you are on the Internet. My third and last thought was that what we see on the Internet will never be the same.

Proof read and edited by: Tristan


A Dog’s Life as an Agent (Part two)

This is Secret Agent Lysha Dog again doing another report on my trip to Paris.

Perro marinero // Sailor dog [Explore #7]
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Big Max Power (BMP) via Compfight

Okay, back again. Sorry that I had to stop so soon. We moved our location closer to the Eiffel Tower so the Calico can set up some kind of radio devise. I still do not trust this cat. Why? Well, I am a dog and we dogs never get along well with cats. And the second reason is because you can never trust a cat.

Besides the whole rivalry that us dogs have with cats and that cats have with dogs, the Calico is showing no care for the other cats.

“If the world were to end,  where would we go? Who would we turn to?” He had said looking up at the tower. “Humans don’t care and most of the animals can’t be trusted.”

“Hmm. Your right. We can’t trust others for our own safety.” Perseph had said, also looking at the tower.

I sighed. “So, does anyone here know how we get them down?” I said trying to cut to the chase. (Dogs chase cats. Get the joke?)

“I could get them down.” The Calico suggested.

“And why would they trust you?” I asked, thinking that the idea of the cat going up there.

The Calico was about to say something when Perseph stepped in.

“Well you see,” She started. “Since he is the cat, the other cats won’t suspect a thing. They would see him as part of their plan. We could have a spy spying on the spies.”

“Says the one who just said we can’t trust anyone outside our organization.” I said, somewhat annoyed. Perseph and the cat stared at me. Oops.

“You are right. I did just say that.” Perseph said. “But what do you think we should do Lysha?”

I sighed and looked up at the tower. “I think that it would be a good idea.” I said. “But if you try to do anything against us…” I looked at the cat.

“I will get them down.” He said. “You can trust me.”

To be continued.

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Geocaching: Modern-Day Treasure Hunting

Geocaching Container - Micro
Photo Credit: cachemania via Compfight

Imagine yourself on a beach searching for hidden treasures and all you have is a map. No need to because you can! And someday, you will! The treasures are called the caches and the map is in a G.P.S. It’s called Geocaching. Geocaching is a fun and active way to get you and your family outside and sightseeing. All you need is a G.P.S and it will tell you if you are near a cache or how far away it is. You can go Geocaching anywhere in the world because it is a global sport. There are caches under water, in trees, on fences and in buildings. There are caches everywhere you go, even if you are not looking for them, you may just find some.

If you are the kind of person who is almost always looking for adventure, I would recommend Geocaching to you. Good luck fellow Geocachers!

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10 Places I Would Like To Go Before I Die

Here are ten of the places I would like to go see in my lifetime.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Krug6 via Compfight

1. Egypt

I would like to go see the great pyramids.

2. San Francisco again

I loved going over the Golden Gate Bridge and would gladly go over it again!

3. New York

I would just love to go to New York city!

4. Easter Island

I want to see the heads that are there.

5. The moon

Just for fun.

6. The Lost City of Atlantis

If it is real I would like to see that place.

7. Paris

I would like to see the Eiffel Tower with my own eyes.

8. Newfoundland and Labrador

My mom has been there and she had said it was a beautiful place to be.

9. Machu Picchu

I want to see the city that was destroyed.

10. China

I want to see the Great Wall of China.

What place would you like to see? Would you like to see any of the places I would? Please leave a comment with your ideas.

Link to the Student Blogging Challenge.

Try a Trade

On April 22, our class went to try different trades. Trades are where you do work with your hands and are active. There are over hundreds of trades from plumbing and dry-walling to hairdressing and cooking. We tried wiring a light bulb, installing plumbing, hammering nails and fixing drywall. Here is a few pictures of our time there.

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.

If you could have one job, what would it be? I could tell you one thing it might be. It might be a trade. As I had said, there are a lot of trades out there. Pouring cement is a trade along with welding. Mainly anything you do with your hands is a trade. Well. Almost everything. I don’t think playing video games is a trade… Yet.

One key thing in the trades and in any work is the safety. If you don’t know how to use a tool properly, ask to be taught how to or ask to use something different. There is no need to through away your future by using something you don’t know how to use. That is what they told us before we started. They gave us safety glasses and reflective vests.

Many people will probably be working with a trade without knowing it. I will be trying a trade to see if it works for me. For my future job, I will be doing a trade.

Proofread by: Monica




Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Klara via Compfight

I have found something amazing in my Minecraft survival world. Here is what happened…

I spawned on a small random island surrounded by ocean. I walked around the island seeing if I could see more land. I ended up seeing a small island or more like some dirt with a tree on it in the West.

I found the starter chest by a cave and opened it. It had these items in it. It had a total of seven wooden planks, five apples, one stone axe and a wooden pick axe. I gathered all the items including the chest and torches then swam towards the tree. I cut it down and got four more wood, three saplings and one apple. I made a crafting table then made a boat.

Um… before I go on, I will give you a tip about the crafting tables. Always keep one with you so you don’t waste your wood making them. Same with the furnace too. And maybe the boats.

I have decided to keep on going West and try to find some land as soon as possible. So I placed my boat and headed out into the wide oceans. My least favorite place to be. Well, besides being stuck in a cave.

The sun was starting to set when I caught a glimpse of a mountain. I was going to sit and wait until morning when I heard the unforgettable sound of one of the most destructive creatures in Minecraft. The hiss of a creeper.

More on my next post.

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